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Platformatic DB

Platformatic DB is an HTTP server that provides a flexible set of tools for building robust APIs with Node.js.

For a high level overview of how Platformatic DB works, please reference the Introduction guide.


Command Line Interface

  • Easily manage your databases with the platformatic db CLI.

Multiple Database Support


  • Automatically generate a REST API from your database schema.
  • Access interactive documentation via Scalar.
  • Generate OpenAPI 3.0 schema.


Authentication and Authorization

Complete flexibility


  • Integrate Platformatic DB programmatically into your tests or other applications for more dynamic usage.

Ready to start? Dive into our Quick Start Guide and get your API up and running in just 2 minutes! ⚡

Supported databases

PostgreSQL>= 15
MySQL>= 5.7
MariaDB>= 10.11

The database driver is automatically loaded based on the value connectionString configuration setting.


If you run into a bug or have a suggestion for improvement, please raise an issue on GitHub or join our Discord feedback channel.